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Human Resources Director

Company: Government jobs
Location: Houston
Posted on: January 28, 2023

Job Description:

Position Description

Mission of Precinct One
Precinct One's mission is that we are committed to become a national model for delivering responsive public service utilizing inclusive, innovative, and collaborative approaches to improve the quality of life, advance equality of opportunity, and promote the fair treatment of all people in Harris County.

Harris County-Commissioner Precinct One is offering an exciting and challenging opportunity to join our team as Human Resources Director. The successful candidate will be a strategic partner within an organization whose members are committed to supporting the vigorous pursuit of a nationally-recognized standard for inclusive, collaborative, innovative, creative, and effective programs and services that maximize the use of public resources to the greatest possible benefit of the people they serve. Our purpose is simply stated: to advance equality of opportunity, improve the quality of life, and promote the fair treatment of everyone who lives in Precinct One and all of Harris County.

What you will do at Precinct One
Our next HR Director will work with a highly skilled Human Resources Team to drive and lead in the creation and implementation of HR strategies for Commissioner Precinct One.

  • As a member of the senior leadership team, working with the Chief of Staff, the Chief Operating Officer, and division directors, the next HR Director will lead HR initiatives designed to foster an employee-oriented, high-performance culture that prizes empowerment, quality, productivity, ethical standards, and organizational growth
  • In collaboration with the Precinct's divisions, this individual will contribute to the development of programs that attract and retain talent, develop employees, and bring organizational goals and strategic objectives into alignment
  • Our next HR Director will serve as a key link between management and employees, their success grounded in the ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships based on trust and mutual respect
  • The Human Resources Director will serve as one of nine division directors, the others being Administration, Policy, Communications, Community and Government Affairs, Development and Infrastructure, Finance, Programs, and Shared Services
    Harris County is an Equal Opportunity Employer
    If you need special services or accommodations, please call (713) 274-5445 or email


    This position is subject to a criminal history check.

    Only relevant convictions will be considered and, even when considered, may not automatically disqualify the candidate.


    • Bachelor's degree in Operations Management, Government, or a related field of study from an accredited college or universityCertifications:
      • One or more Human Resources certificationsExperience:
        • Ten (10) years experience in a senior Human Resources role
        • Demonstrated experience in the following areas, with in-depth work done in at least six:
          • Candidate recruitment and selection
          • Talent pipeline creation, maintenance, and deployment
          • Performance feedback, coaching, and evaluation
          • Personal learning and development;
          • Organizational growth and development
          • Compensation coordination
          • Benefits management
          • Values maintenance
          • Workplace enhancement
          • HR technology management
          • Change management.Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
            • Knowledge of finance, budget, and purchasing concepts in a governmental entity
            • Proven ability to deliver inspiring leadership that encourages initiative, affords transparency, and demands accountability
            • Capacity to recognize the process, social, and cultural elements across the precinct and the County at large and work to eliminate any aspects that may impede collaboration and trust

              NOTE: Qualifying education, experience, knowledge and skills must be documented on your job application. You may attach a resume to the application as supporting documentation but ONLY information stated on the application will be used for consideration. "See Resume" will not be accepted for qualifications.


              • Advanced degree in a related field of study from an accredited college or university
              • Previous work history in a government setting General Information

                About Precinct One
                There are four Commissioner precincts in Harris County, the most populous county in Texas and the third most populous in the United States. There are four elected commissioners, who along with an elected county judge serve as the Harris County Commissioners Court, the administrative head of the county's government. With approximately 1.1 million residents, Commissioner Precinct One is a diverse, urban local government unit that covers 363 square miles; if it were an independent city, it would be among the nation's fifteen largest. The Precinct's multi-racial, multi-ethnic population is roughly 39 percent African American, 37 percent Latino, 18 percent Anglo, 5 percent Asian, and 1 percent other.

                Precinct One includes 876 miles of road, stretches south to Brazoria County, and also reaches into eastern and northern sections of Harris County. The Precinct includes a large swath of downtown Houston, including the Harris County Downtown Court Complex, Toyota Center, Minute Maid Park, and BBVA Compass Stadium. Other notable landmarks include the 263-acre NRG Park complex and the Texas Medical Center, a world-renowned collection of 61 institutions devoted to medical research, training, and care. The Precinct is also the higher education home to Houston Community College, Rice University, Texas Southern University, the University of Houston's main and downtown campuses, and the University of St. Thomas.

                Areas of Responsibility
                • HR Team Leadership. Our next HR Director will be expected to lead an established team of highly experienced and skilled HR professionals who actively embrace, promote, and advance the mission, vision, and values of Precinct One. Working as a trusted advisor with both this team and the Precinct's employees at large, the HR Director will support the accomplishment of the Precinct's goals and strategic objectives. Essential in meeting this responsibility will be the ability to listen and act with empathy, demonstrate behaviors evidencing a high emotional quotient (EQ), engage diplomatically with sensitive issues and situations, and serve as a role model for the leadership values the Precinct advocates.
                • Candidate Recruitment and Selection. The strength of Precinct One - our capacity to deliver on the commitments we make to those we represent - ultimately depends on the quality of our people. Our next HR Director will work with the HR Team to facilitate the recruitment and selection of the best talent available. Just as important, we will rely on our next HR Director to assist our HR Team, acting as HR Business Partners supporting our various divisions, in bringing on board recruits who not only possess the technical, job-related, and interpersonal competencies required for their success, but who also embody and embrace our mission, vision, and values.
                • Talent Pipeline Creation, Maintenance, and Deployment. Although a robust program of external recruitment and selection are essential to our success, we believe it is at least as important to develop those already on our team, giving them the competencies needed to succeed and the opportunities to advance to greater roles and responsibilities through well-organized, scrupulously honored talent pipeline. We will look to our next HR Director to help us use the talent pipeline resources maintained by the County's central HR office to give our people the greatest possible opportunities to show us what they are capable of, and to make the most significant impact they can on the quality of our work.
                • Performance Feedback, Coaching, and Evaluation. At Precinct One, we believe in accountability - for both our performance and our results. We see this accountability as involving more than just our own immediate responsibilities; we also believe in shared responsibility for the end product. Likewise, each of us individually must hold ourselves to a high standard of performance, but everyone who has direct reports must also share in that responsibility by providing the feedback, coaching, and periodic evaluations critical to keeping each of us, and our organization, on the path to success. We will expect our next HR Director to help us improve and enhance our collective skill in providing effective feedback and coaching and to develop a disciplined and objective system of performance evaluation that will help us approach the assessment process consistently and equitably across the Precinct.
                • Personal Learning and Development. We at Precinct One believe professional growth is a continuous process, one that we should promote, support, and provide in every way possible. Our next HR Director will be the champion for our efforts in this regard. They will take leadership in developing the full range of professional development options we offer; they will also work with the HR Team, division directors, and others to make sure each of our team members has a personal development plan that furthers their professional growth, adds to the inventory and depth of their skills, and strengthens their capacity to contribute to the work of the Precinct.
                • Organizational Growth and Development. In addition to supporting individual professional growth and development, we will expect our next HR Director to take on a significant leadership role regarding issues of organizational change and design - the macro-level interventions that will help achieve desired change and build a more effective organization. While we will want our next HR Director to be one of the leaders in this area, we will also expect them to do so collaboratively, working with their director colleagues and others to make certain the change we want gets deeply embedded in our policies, practices, and values.
                • Compensation Coordination. While compensation is not the only contributor to the satisfaction of our team with their employment, it is a major factor. Our next HR Director will be tasked with ensuring that our compensation structure is equitable across the organization, competitive with current market conditions, and financially sound. We will expect the person we select to make recommendations regarding compensation based on the best available data; we also expect that those recommendations will reflect and support the Precinct's goals and strategic objectives.
                • Benefits Management. Harris County offers our employees a wide range of benefits. We will look to our next HR Director to ensure that all our team members have ample opportunity to know, understand and access the benefits offered to them. In addition, we will want our next HR Director to be a leader in advocating for improvements and enhancements to County benefits, to ensure that we can remain competitive for the talent we need to serve those we represent.
                • Values Maintenance. We in Precinct One have worked hard to develop a common understanding of what is expected of each of us individually in doing our job, as well as what we believe essential in the way we work together. We anticipate that our next HR Director will help hold us to those expectations, working directly or through the HR Team with those individuals who fall short of our standards and coaching us to make sure we eliminate those behaviors and other obstacles that keep us from being best, most aligned teammates possible. In short, we will be looking to our HR Director to help us maintain the standards for behavior that we believe give life to our values.
                • HR Technology Management. While technology management may be a newer role for HR Directors, it is becoming an ever more essential one. Its purpose is to better enable efficient human resources practices and the more effective realization of the Precinct's HR strategy through technology. For everything from recruitment and hiring to training to tracking professional growth of Precinct employees, as well as the expediting of the multiple forms and other documents associated with HR processes, we will want our next HR Director to draw on technology with maximum positive effect.
                  For more information and to make an application, consult the Career Opportunities page on Harris County website: https://hrrm.harriscountytx.gov/Pages/CareerOpportunities.aspx.

                  Harris County is an Equal Opportunity Employer

                  Employment may be contingent on passing a drug screen and meeting other standards.

                  Due to a high volume of applications positions may close prior to the advertised closing date or at the discretion of the Hiring Department.


                  Harris County offers a competitive benefits program, including comprehensive group health and related benefits plan as well as defined benefit retirement plan.

                  The following list of benefits is offered only to employees in regular (full-time) positions:
                  • Medical
                  • Dental
                  • Vision
                  • Wellness
                  • Life Insurance
                  • Long-term disability
                  • Employee Assistance Program
                  • 10 days of vacation each year for the first five (5) years of service. Accrual rates increase based on years of service.
                  • 10 county holidays plus one (1) floating holiday
                  • Professional development opportunities
                  • Dependent Care Reimbursement Plan
                  • Healthcare Reimbursement Account
                  • 457 Deferred Compensation Plan
                    The following benefits are also available to regular (full-time) employment and may be available to part-time employees:

                    • Retirement pension (TCDRS)
                      • Flexible schedules (varies by department)
                        • Transportation Assistance (Metro RideSponsor Program)

                          In accordance with the Harris County Personnel Regulations, Group Health and related benefits are subject to amendment or discontinuance at any time. Commissioners Court reserves the right to make benefit modifications on the County's behalf as needed.
                          For plan details, visit the Harris County benefits website:


                          01 Which of the following best describes your education as it relates to this position?
                          • High School Diploma or G.E.D. equivalent
                          • Associates Degree
                          • Bachelor's Degree
                          • Master's Degree or higher
                          • None of the Above

                            02 If you selected a college degree in response to the previous question, which of the following disciplines best relates to your degree most relevant to this position?
                            • Operations Management
                            • Government
                            • Other Related Field
                            • Unrelated Field
                            • N/A; No Degree

                              03 Please describe your educational background including level of education completed, area of study and completed major and minor programs.

                              04 Which of the following best describes your verifiable years of experience in a senior human resources role? (To be considered, qualifying experience must be documented in your application's employment history)
                              • Less than ten (10) years.
                              • Ten (10) years but less than eleven (11) years.
                              • Eleven (11) years but less than twelve (12) years.
                              • Twelve (12) or more years
                              • I do not have this experience.

                                05 Please provide details about your verifiable years of experience in a senior human resources role. Do not use "Please see Resume" or "See Resume". (To be considered, qualifying experience must be documented in your application's employment history.) Please include your (a) role(s), (b) types of organizations, (c) scope of duties and responsibilities. If you do not have this experience, please type "None" in the space provided.

                                06 Do you have previous work history in a government environment?
                                • Yes
                                • No

                                  07 Do you possess demonstrated experience in any of the following areas, with in-depth work done in at least six? Select all that apply. (To be considered, qualifying experience must be documented in your application's employment history.)
                                  • Candidate recruitment and selection
                                  • Talent pipeline creation, maintenance, and deployment
                                  • Performance feedback, coaching, and evaluation
                                  • Personal learning and development
                                  • Organizational growth and development
                                  • Compensation coordination
                                  • Benefits management
                                  • Values maintenance
                                  • Workplace enhancement
                                  • HR technology management
                                  • Change management
                                  • None of the above

                                    08 Do you possess any professional certifications related to this position? If so, please list them below. (All certifications must be properly listed within the application.)

                                    09 Do you have any of the following certifications? Please document your certification on your application.
                                    • Associate Professional in Human Resources (APHR)
                                    • Professional in Human Resources (PHR)
                                    • SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP)
                                    • Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)
                                    • SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP)
                                    • None of the above but other equivalent certifications
                                    • None of the above

                                      * Required Question

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